Posted by: vegevores | August 2, 2010

Hello out there

by Liz

Welcome to Veggie Friends!  My friend Samantha and I have created this blog to document our explorations in vegetarian recipes and food products.  I haven’t eaten meat since mid-June of this year but have no plans on becoming Vegan (yet).  I have been trying a lot of new foods, not so many of new recipes (I’d like to change that), and can’t wait for the fall to begin, if for nothing else but the squash and apple harvest.  I would like to go to the Farmer’s Market more often than I do, but go to great lengths to shop organic.  My family is full of meat-lovers who don’t know what I can possibly eat when I visit them.

I want to start this blog by sharing a wonderful picture of one of my favorite foods lately:

That’s right, Spanakopita!  Also known as Spinach Pie.  Trader Joe’s is the brand behind my favorite spinach pie at the moment because I’m rather picky about having enough cheese in the mix – and crunchy phyllo dough ain’t too bad.  There are 12 pieces in each box and it comes in a handy baking pan that can be reused for your favorite new craft hobby (this is a win-win situation!).  I find that it’s not necessary to cook all 12 pieces at once, so I can take what I like and pop the rest back in to the freezer.  Each piece is only 60 calories but apparently has no fiber, which I find hard to believe since it’s spinach!  The plus side is that it’s low in fat with a little bit of protein and not as much sodium as many other frozen foods.

More to come in the days to follow!


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