Posted by: vegevores | August 3, 2010

And sharks have feelings too

by Samantha

This shark is not a vegetarian. And neither am I.

Shocking, right?! A non-vegetarian writing a vegetarian blog?! Mon dieu, l’horreur! Here’s what’s up: around the time Liz became a vegetarian, I lost my interest in eating meat. I made myself some chicken one evening, took one look at it and said: “No. Nope. No. Also, yuck.” Which left me in an interesting place: was this some sort of sympathetic vegetarianism because my friend was a vegetarian, or had I known that chicken in another life? I decided what I was really sick of was not the poor ol’ chicken, but the meals I had been making. I had lost my style in the kitchen, my panache, my motivation. So out of that night and Liz’s recommendations I have started incorporating more vegetarian dishes into my meals for a change. I’m not ready to get rid of chicken or turkey just yet (although I’m committed for the time being to not eating pork, beef or lamb and my fowl consumption has gone way down) and I’m not sure I can get down with tofu. What I am ready to do each week is try at least one new  (to me) vegetarian recipe and use at least one ingredient I’ve never used before.

So that’s why I am here. Why’s the shark here? Because it’s shark week.


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