Posted by: vegevores | August 4, 2010

I scream, you scream!

by Liz

I am an ice cream fan.  When I first started with vegetarianism, we were in the throes of the hottest days of the year, so I purchased a few boxes of fruit bars over the weeks.  I hear that these are super simple to just make yourself.  What happened before I learned this information, however, was my craving for real ice cream – perhaps it was the infectious Tetris music of the ice cream truck in my neighborhood.  I was visiting Samantha recently and she introduced me to the Rice Dream ice cream (non-dairy dessert?  That sounds ridiculous, I’m calling it ice cream).  I liked it pretty well and would venture to purchase some for myself one of these days. On a particular shopping visit a few weeks ago, I was feeling adventurous while scanning the frozen food aisles for all the non-dairy types of ice cream.  I don’t cut all dairy from my diet, but am certainly trying to limit my intake.  That’s when I discovered this:

chocolate coconut milk ice cream

Turtle Mountain’s Purely Decadent brand of Coconut Milk ice cream.  I had to try it.  It was a hard amount of money to come to grips with for something I wasn’t even sure I’d like (oh, around $5.29 a pint), but let me tell you – these Purely Decadent people don’t mess around.  This stuff is rich, naturally sweetened, and is so luscious and creamy that I didn’t regret my decision one bit.  There are very few ingredients in this stuff too, and nothing that I couldn’t pronounce!  Inspired by the “make your own” mentality that I am taking greater strides to embrace, I might look for a way to make my own form of this to save a little dough – suggestions appreciated.  So far I have tried the chocolate and mint chip flavors, both extremely yummy.

I’m going grocery shopping today and am going to adventure to a local health food store that I have never visited before.  I hope that I find lots of goodies!  I’m excited about it.

Also, my sister informed me last night that she threw a bunch of rotten tomatillos into her garden last year to help fertilize the soil, and now they’ve come back and she has a ton of little tomatillo plants!  She made a green salsa out of the good ones last year but she didn’t care for it too much, so she offered to give me some of her tomatillos to use for whatever I want.  Does anyone know any good tomatillo recipes other than salsa?  I will have to do a little research.  Fun fact:  The tomatillo is also called the Mexican ground cherry.  I think I like the sound of tomatillo better.


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