Posted by: vegevores | August 25, 2010


by Liz

In addition to being veggie, I have been making more of an effort to eat locally and consume fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season.  I would love to have a CSA (maybe from these guys) but I need to learn a little more about cooking before I go there.  How do I even know what’s in season?  I found a handy chart last week that I find helpful – and I’m really hoping that it’s accurate!  I think that it probably depends on the area in which you live, but some of this is intuitive.

In season fruits and veggies

Source: Frugal for Life blog

Speaking of in-season veggies and also speaking of zucchini, I am happy to say that I sampled zucchini fries last night.  I am a nut for the sweet potato and the day that I found out that people made those into fries, I was stoked – but the zucchini fries are just as good!  I was having dinner at Olga’s (hellooooo, spinach pie!), and saw the zucchini fries on the menu.  YUM!  I’m pretty sure that if you deep fry anything, it turns out to be pretty yummy but that doesn’t make the zucchini any less in season! It might make it a little bit less of a vegetable, however…

Olga's zucchini fried


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