Posted by: vegevores | September 21, 2010

Cider me this

By Liz


Mmm……apple cider.  Isn’t it divine?  The apple cider and donut combo is one of my favorites.  If you are a cider lover, this time of year in Michigan is perfect for you since all of the grocery stores sell it and a good cider mill is bound to be within a reasonable drive.  Check here to find a cider mill near you!

In a previous post when I was giving props to the apple, I mentioned a warm appley adult beverage.  Well, dear readers, the time has come to unveil the extremely fancy Caramel Apple Cider.

Basically, you have some apple cider, you have some Buttershots (also known as Butterscotch Schnapps), and you mix the two to taste.  I want to say that the ratio is three parts cider to one part schnapps, but it really depends on how much caramel taste you’d like.  For fans of the harder stuff, a little whisky or spiced rum mixes in well.  This drink tastes fabulous warmed up or chilled, is super easy to make, and is a nice seasonal alternative to other cocktails.  Yum!


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