Posted by: vegevores | September 30, 2010

You say potato, I say sweet

By Liz

I like sweet potatoes.  I didn’t even know it until a few years ago when I decided to try a casserole my mom made for one Thanksgiving – and I’m not talking the marshmallow kind of sweet potato casserole.  This one is mostly made of sweet potatoes, butter, sugar, cinnamon, and nuts.  It was heavenly.  My mom didn’t know she liked sweet potatoes either for a long time, until she was out to lunch with a friend who made her try some.  For years, my mom just thought she didn’t like sweet potatoes.  Despite whatever bad food memories or associations we’ve all had, I am happy that we got over this one.  I have since discovered the awesomeness of sweet potato fries and order them almost every chance I see then on a menu somewhere.

sweet potato

Normally when I buy sweet potatoes, I make them the same old way.  Someday I’ll try some new recipes, but for now, I’m good with my sweet Sweet Potato Mash.

First, I cut the unpeeled sweet potato into smaller chunks, roughly about the size of a golf ball only more squarish.  Believe me, if you’ve never cut up a sweet potato, be prepared!  They are hard to cut, but just wiggle that knife from front to back and it’ll cut eventually.  Once you have all your sweet potato chunks cut, throw ’em in a pot of water to boil for a good 45-60 minutes.  Then, strain the water and let the chunks cool for a few minutes, then take the peel off using a fork, knife, of fork-and-knife combo.  Once you’ve taken the peels off all the sweet potato chunks, put the chunks in a bowl and start mashing them with a fork.  Or, if you want to get crazy, get out your electric mixer whip ’em up.  Add a little milk and butter to help the mashing process; milk and butter are key to make the sweet potatoes smooth and more yummy.  I usually add a little sugar, a fair amount of cinnamon, some ginger, and occasionally a dash of nutmeg – that’s it!  And really, I do this all by eye so I have no idea of the true measurements.  Sometimes I will add carrots to the pot of boiling potatoes, you can’t even tell that they’re in the end product.  Carrots happen to be on sale and in season so I’ve been buying them a lot lately and am getting sick of ’em, so this is a perfect use for my extras.  The Sweet Potato Mash is best enjoyed warm, in my opinion, and can even be jazzed up with some raisins, walnuts, and/or pecans if you’re feeling wild.


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