Posted by: vegevores | June 16, 2011

The best thing ever? (Answer: yes)

by Samantha

Oh my good lord. I have perfected the best healthful sweet snack/dessert ever. It’s so easy, ready? Go:

-a couple of spoonfuls of Greek style non-fat yogurt

-a small handfull(ish) of sunflower seeds

-a small handfull(ish) of pecans

-a drizzle (or two) of honey

It. Is. Amazing. Seriously, I can’t use the kind of words I want to use to describe this because this is a family friendly blog where we try not to swear like sailors. But I am swearing like a sailor in my heart for this snack. It’s great for the summer time, cool and refreshing. I’m even lactose intolerant and as long as I don’t eat too much in one sitting I don’t get a stomach ache. The great thing about it is it’s so satisfying I’m not compelled to eat too much at one time. I am, however, compelled to eat it often. The real key is the Greek style yogurt. I’ve been eating something similar to this with just plain yogurt and it’s been fine. Good. But not drop-the-spoon-out-of-your-mouth-in-shock-fantastic like this is. The Greek yogurt is richer and much, much creamier. The sunflower seeds and pecans are my favorite choice after trying other combinations and I’ve stayed away from dried fruit because the honey makes it sweet enough already.

Try this version, mess around with your own versions and enjoy this as a mid-day snack or after dinner sweet-tooth satisfier!


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