Posted by: vegevores | July 6, 2011

What’s in my cart: Summer heat wave edition

by Samantha

When I left my air-conditioned office yesterday, I was shocked by the heat. My car told me it was 97 degrees outside and I believe it. Welcome, Michigan summer! We’re glad you’re here, but you really didn’t have to come all on one day. You could have spread those degrees out a little bit. I try not to complain about weather because first of all, I can’t change it and second of all, it will change its-own-bad-self soon and I might as well try to enjoy it, whatever it is, while it’s happening.

But I will confess that heat makes me a touch…crabby. So upon leaving work with the eternal question, “What’s for dinner” on my mind and hitting a wall of heat there was only one clear thought in my addled brains: “Oh, I am not cooking.” It was really just as well, because I had no groceries and no idea what to cook anyway. I sweated off to the grocery store and in the spirit of embracing the season (Double Plus Summer, in yesterday’s case) and not turning on any heating device, here is what I bought:


-grape tomatoes

-the biggest container of mixed baby greens I could find


-cottage cheese


-2 pints of Ben and Jerry’s (Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch) (don’t judge, they were on sale! It’s the summer! Embracing the season!)

– croutons

-sweet vidalia salad dressing


I took home my goodies and made a large salad. None of my normal bowls would do, so I actually used a small mixing bowl. Into the mixing bowl went the baby greens, half a cucumber (chopped), lots of grape tomatoes (halved), some croutons, the dressing and some craisins. I ate it all. Then made another. Then ate some ice cream.

That is what summer is all about.

The strawberries are for the morning’s oatmeal and the cottage cheese and the pickles are for snacks. I can hear them calling to me even now. If there is anything better in the summer than eating a cold pickle spear right out of the refrigerator, I don’t know what it is.

Stay cool, eat  your veggies!



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