Posted by: vegevores | July 18, 2011

What’s in my cart: 1rst Farmer’s Market Edition

by Samantha

I finally made it to the Mount Pleasant Farmer’s market last weekend! Hooray! My two favorite farmer families were there and still as awesome as ever. The first booth I stopped at was being run by a teenage boy who is the most dedicated vegetable seller you could hope to find. He popped up out of his chair when I approached and when he saw me looking over the onions he said,

“Those onions are really good.”

“They look fantastic,” I said.

“No. They are really, really, really, good. Look.”

He took an onion, peeled it, wiped it off and took a bite. Then he looked at me, waiting, I think, for me to fall over in SHOCK at this display of onion quality. I acted as impressed as possible, but being someone who occasionally snacks on raw onions while I’m cooking, I couldn’t really give him the extreme reaction he was looking for. What I did do was buy the following from his booth:

-3 totally amazing onions

-2 bunches of broccoli

-the biggest cucumber I have ever seen

-a pint of very sweet blueberries

Then I crossed over to the other booth I frequent. The sellers are an older couple and their grandchildren. The kids were super excited to help me and show off their math skills, adding up the prices of any and all veggies and fruit I glanced at . I only had two dollars left, but that was enough for a dozen farm fresh eggs and a tip for the kids. (A quarter each. I hope they don’t spend it all in one place!)

When I got home, I started cooking a cup of brown rice. I chopped up half of an (amazing) onion, and browned it in a little olive oil. I added a small zucchini (chopped) a lady at work had given me and then added a can of pinto beans (drained and rinsed). When the beans were warmed through, I put the veggies and beans over the rice and ate a delicious dinner!

I’ll bring the broccoli and cucumber cut up in my lunches this week and the blueberries are for my morning oatmeal. The farm fresh eggs will be for scrambled eggs and pancakes this weekend.

I love you farmer’s market! I’ll try to make it back next week!



  1. I love buying fresh produce at the market! 🙂 Taste 100 times better.


  2. I completely agree, Whitney! Thanks for commenting!

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