Posted by: vegevores | September 25, 2011

You say lazy, I say genius

by Samantha


It is well documented that I have a tendency to impulse buy vegetables and the other day some Rainbow Chard just sort of jumped into my cart and who am I to not adopt a vegetable in need?

Anyway, I decided make Eggs in a Nest ( from Barbara Kingsolver’s book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle for breakfast. But then, I got a little lazy. I was running late for yoga and didn’t have all the other ingredients besides eggs and chard and who wants to wait for brown rice to cook in the morning? Not this girl. So I just heated up some olive oil in a large frying pan and added the chard (roughly chopped) and let it cook over a medium heat while I scrambled some eggs. Then I pushed the chard to the side and dropped in the eggs. There were a few moments of doubt (should I let the eggs touch the chard? Oh, they are totally engulfing the chard. O….k….) but over all it worked out really well. The chard got mostly mixed in with the eggs but not completely. Add a piece of whole wheat toast, a glass of orange juice and a mug of black coffee and you have my current most favorite breakfast.



  1. That sounds delicious! I’m always in favor of easy!

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