Posted by: vegevores | February 15, 2012

Easy sweetie

by Samantha

Hey veggie friends! Are you rundown the hustle and bustle of your day to day life? Do you despair of making your dinner at the end of a long, hard day? Are you so hungry at the end of said long, hard day worn out as you are from previously mentioned hustle and bustle that  you would rather gnaw on the arm of your couch than wait for any sort of food to be ready to eat?

Or is that just me?

Fear not! I have a quick, vegetarian option for you that I have been taking advantage of lo these many days. What is it?! A baked sweet potato.

Just a baked sweet potato. Now, I know that one lil’ sweet potato might not a dinner make. But I have found that a sweet potato will jazz up some left overs or bring some warmth as a side to a quick salad. Make it savory with lots of salt and butter, make it sweet with lots of cinnamon and butter, whatever sounds right for any given meal (I recommend butter). It’s such a lovely warm spot at the end of a winter’s day.

Here are too ways to bake your sweet potatoes. I have been using the microwave version (because I am very busy/lazy) and it works wonderfully well. Last night I had a sweet baked potato to fill out a meal that would have otherwise been just m’judrah. It was glorious.


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