Posted by: vegevores | July 19, 2012

Crazy dinner

by Samantha

So I wasn’t planning it, but this fits perfectly with Liz’s post about her delicious sounding soup! This is another winging-it recipe. I do these things quite a lot. It’s a perfect expression of how much I a) don’t have money the few days before payday b) hate doing dishes c) like things that are quick and easy. Sometimes this overrides my good sense and taste buds, but last night I made a dinner that was alright!

First, I made frozen peas. Ha, that sentence makes it sound so simple and normal. It was not. I have the biggest bag of frozen peas EVER in my freezer and I was trying to make a serving or two. But I accidentally dumped a lot of the bag into a tiny saucepan and peas were rolling everywhere (it was kind of like that scene from Bridesmaids but without the disguisting, infected tattoo, thank goodness). And then I had to dump the peas and water into another, larger saucepan which defeated mission b of not creating very many dishes. Oh, well. I love frozen peas.

Then, I sliced a portabella mushroom cap and sauteed it in olive oil and rosemary. If there is a smell in the world better than portabellas cooking in rosemary and olive oil I have not smelled it. YUM!

I added half a can of chickpeas, a few spoonfuls of the peas, cooked spaghetti, salt and pepper, and grated Parmesan.

That’s it! Crazy Dinner in a bowl! I think I’m going to make it again tonight only I’m out of spaghetti so I’ve got to see what other pasta I have. Crazy dinner gets crazier!


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