Posted by: vegevores | July 19, 2012

Let there be cake!


by Liz

I joined Pinterest in recent months, and wow, it can be overwhelming!  But there are some great things about Pinterest, mostly the awesome ideas that pop up when you search for just about anything, and also my personal tendency to actually try out some of the pins that I add to my boards.  No need to get lost in a sea of saved Favorites and bookmarked websites!  If all of that is sounding a like I’m talking in a foreign language, just go check out Pinterest and play around with some searches – you don’t need to login or set up an account just to look around.

So I’ve tried a few recipes that I’ve pinned, all with varying results (from “so delicious” to “made my apartment smell bad” to “just ok” to “why have I never put a banana into a hot dog bun?”).  Last week, I tried a recipe for chocolate cake, which someone had pinned from Instructables.  I don’t own a cupcake/muffin pan any more, as it is one of those mysterious things that disappeared when I moved, so I mixed up a box of Devil’s Food Cake mix and a small can of pumpkin, then dumped the mixture into a rectangular cake pan.  Here’s the result, after I ate a bunch:


Now, this cake was good.  Given, it’s probably not the healthiest chocolate cake you could make, but it is low in fat and high in Vitamin A and tastes pretty good – and it’s fairly inexpensive.  I ate this entire cake in less than 24 hours, but let it be known that this is a weird cake.  It has a good texture, but the smell is a little strange – almost like play dough.  It smells that way even as it’s baking, and the batter doesn’t taste magical either.  If you can get over those two things, I found this cake to be great.  I’m curious how it would turn out with fresh pumpkin instead of a can (probably a billion times better, let’s be real), and think it might be better as a muffin/cupcake, or with some chocolate chips thrown into the batter.  Give this cake a try – the weird smell might just be a weird Liz thing.


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